AyurSlim for weight loss

AyurSlim for weight loss

AyurSlim for weight loss

Ayurveda is not just an ancient medical system born in India. This is a real philosophy of life, which implies maintaining the perfect harmony of the soul and body.

According to an ancient legend, Ayurveda was part of the revelation of the wise men who received a comprehensive knowledge of the world about 7,000 years ago.

Today, as before, in India the system is the “science of life”, according to which the body obeys the laws of nature. Ayurvedic medicines, created from medicinal plants, do not drive the disease into a corner, act gently and gradually, without causing side effects and addictions.

Similarly, the situation is overweight. Weight loss in Ayurveda is a journey into the wonderful world of knowing your own body.

Medical practice offers a special nutrition system tailored to the individual characteristics of the body, and in addition recommends the use of natural supplements to speed up the process.

The brightest of Indian dietary supplements for modeling a figure through deep cleansing and healing is AyurSlim.

Ayurlslim is a biologically active additive


The main task of Ayurveda is to make a person healthy and happy.

Unlike most modern dietary supplements, Indian products are created to maximize the safe from the physiological and psychoemotional point of view of getting rid of excess weight.

A prerequisite for losing weight through ayverdic dietary supplements – a positive effect on the entire body. The agents act gently. They do not have to wait for a quick result, but the effect will be preserved in the long term.

Ayurlslim is a biologically active additive produced by the well-known company Himalaya Herbals Healthcare in accordance with the standards of modern pharmaceutical technologies.

Based on information provided by the manufacturer, the drug is clinically tested and is 100% safe. Bioadditive is represented by capsules containing a concentrated powder based on plant components. Each portion of it brings a moment of harmony between the body and the soul.

Supplements for losing weight AyurSlim Himalaya operates in several directions:

1. Accelerates the metabolism, thereby contributing to the burning of lipids and fat inside the body;

2. Prevents the synthesis of fatty acids in the liver and musculature, which helps in stopping lipogenesis;

3. Reduces the need for sugar and neutralizes its level in the body;

4. Decreases the level of cholesterol and triglyceride, that is, it fights against common factors of a set of extra kilograms.

AyurSlim Himalaya helps in improving the fat structure, thus preventing the appearance of cardiovascular pathologies and the deposition of fat inside the arteries.

Capsules AyurSlim Himalaya normalize body weight as follows:

1. Control appetite, gently reducing the need for excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats;

2. Help in the optimal use of nutrients coming from food;

3. Prevent accumulation in the body of fat stores.

Particularly useful reception of bioadditives can be in three cases:

– Excessive craving for sweets;

– Increased lipid levels in the blood;

– Obesity.

Reviews about AyurSlim are mostly positive. Regular therapy with the drug promises a weight reduction of up to 9 kg in six months, and many people who lose weight confirm the possibility of achieving such results.


Ayurlslim by Himalaya company contains a unique combination of medicinal herbs.

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia small tropical fruit that looks like a green pumpkin is also called the “Malabar tamarind”. It grows in India and South-East Asia. In the homeland of the plant, it is customary to eat fruits for food. Garcinia rind is rich in hydroxycitric acid, which is the “key” to losing weight.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products for weight loss with garcinia claim that it allows you to lose pounds without any diets and physical exertion.

Weight loss with garciniaBecoming an ingredient of biologically active additives to correct the figure, Garcinia acts in several directions:

naturally reduces appetite, due to the high content of pectin;

normalizes the overall metabolism, forcing all metabolic processes to proceed much faster;

cleaves lipids;

increases serotonin level (hormone of joy), normalizing the psychoemotional background;

stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood.

Among other things, regular intake of bioadditives with Garcinia cambogia allows you to get rid of “bad” cholesterol and replenish the reserves of “good”.

Important! The amount of dietary supplements with Garcinia cambogia grows every year, in view of which more and more testing of outlandish fruit is carried out. Many studies show positive results in weight loss issues, others give the opposite data. We can conclude that the effect of garcinia, that is, hydroxycitric acid on each organism individually.

Commiphora wightii (guggul)

Commiphora wightii (guggul) for weight lossCommiphora, myrra and guggul – the name of a small shrub, serving as one of the key components of the Ayurveda system. This is her “gold reserve”. Commiphora grows in the regions of Central Asia and North Africa, but it is most widespread in Northern India.

Guggul extract, habitually used in the manufacture of Indian biologically active additives, has a number of useful properties:

– diuretic;

– antioxidant;

– blood-purifying;

– antifungal;

– decongestant;

– antiseptic;

– analgesic;

– carminative;

– antispasmodic;

– anti-inflammatory;

– astringent;

– absorbent;

– expectorant.

Due to the complex effects of the extract included in many medications. Also, the substance can be found in sports nutrition, where it is assigned the role of a stimulant of thyroid functions. Thanks to this process, a soft and gradual decrease in fat body mass occurs.

The effectiveness of guggul in terms of weight loss is confirmed clinically. There is evidence that guggul helps in cleansing the blood of cholesterol and reduces the absorption of fats in the intestine.

In the composition of AyurSlim Himalaya Herbals, the guggul is responsible for metabolism. Under its influence, the formation in the blood of the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine, which accelerates the metabolism and enhances thermogenesis. As a result, there is an increase in energy consumption and burning of subcutaneous fat.

Leaves of forest gymnema

Gymnema sylvestre really help in getting rid of excess weightGymnema sylvestre or woodland has been used successfully in Indian medicine not the first millennium. Similar to the vine, the evergreen vine acts as a powerful homeopathic immunomodulator, which helps maintain physical activity and endurance.

The primary active ingredients of the plant are gymnemic acids or glycosides, which stimulate the pancreas. They are also responsible for blocking the taste buds that respond to sweetness.

Also in the composition of the gymnema are such connections:

– Vitamin C;

– Inositol;

– Choline;

– Formic and hydroxyl-ammonous acids;

– Stigmasterol;

– Lupeol.

Preparations based on gymnema leaves have a number of positive properties on the human body:

– normalization of metabolic processes;

– preventing the absorption of oleic acid and glucose in the gastrointestinal tract;

– reduction of insulin resistance of cells;

– starting the work of enzymes involved in the processing of glucose;

– stimulation of the digestive process;

– providing a mild diuretic and laxative effect.

In numerous studies, it was found that Gymnema sylvestre really help in getting rid of excess weight, because they reduce cravings for sweet and slightly suppress appetite.

Seeds of fenugreek

According to the National Center for Alternative Medicine, mankind uses fenugreek (chaman, helba) to improve the body for more than 3000 years. Recently it became known that the seeds of a representative of legumes can help in the fight against excess weight.

In 2003, information was presented to the public, according to which the addition of fenugreek seeds to food leads to a decrease in fat cells and body weight in obese people. In 2005, another statement was made: cellulose, which is part of the fenugreek, prevents obesity.

The chaman is useful for losing weightDietitians around the world are similar in opinion that the chaman is useful for losing weight due to the following properties:

– stabilizes the balance of intestinal microflora;

– normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and removes constipation;

– restores metabolism and establishes the work of all internal organs;

– cleans from toxins and toxins;

– displays excess fluid;

– reduces appetite, gives a feeling of satiety for a long time;

– Increases vitality, improves mood and improves performance.

The peculiarity of fenugreek seeds is the ability to fight not only with external manifestations of increased body weight, but also put pressure on the internal (visceral).

In other words, taking AyurSlim is a good opportunity to start a fight with cellulite. Obtained in the process of “therapy” the results promise to be preserved for a long time, especially if you fix the effect of anti-cellulite massage.

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

Haritaki promotes more active absorption of nutrientsHaritaki or mirobalan is a herbaceous plant that captures practically the whole of India. Ayurvedic healers call him “king of medicines”. It is believed that haritaki is able to destroy any disease, cleanse the body of “garbage” and miraculously heal all systems and organs.

According to the ayeverdic treatises, the plant has five tastes of six possible: sour, sweet, bitter, sharp and astringent.

Among attributed Terminalia chebula properties appear:

– expectorant;

– spasmolytic;

– carminative;

– anti-asthmatic;

– antiviral;

– antipyretic;

– adaptogenic;

– anthelmintic;

– detoxifying.

In addition, haritaki promotes more active absorption of nutrients, has a mild laxative effect, nourishes and rejuvenates tissues.

This is a wonderful sedative, shown with nervous excitability and insomnia. To transfer the restriction of the diet and even the strictest diet with the term chebula is much easier. Man becomes free from the characteristic irritable state of hunger.

Auxiliary ingredient AyurSlim Himalaya Herbals is microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).

How to use AyurSlim for slimming?

The instructions to AyurSlim say that the use should take a long time. Since the constituent capsules are natural, the body should not be harmed. The main thing – do not exceed the recommended dosage. At the same time, BAA will not be able to demonstrate all the effectiveness, if not take additional measures, which are insisted on by manufacturers and nutritionists.


Daily dose of AyurSlim for weight loss – 4 capsules (two, twice a day).

It should be eaten after eating, preferably after 1 hour.

At the same time, the network has other information on the dosage: for every 20 kg of weight, one capsule is needed.

That is, with a weight of 60 kg should take 3 capsules at a time (six per day). Thus, it is possible to increase the efficiency of bioadditives severalfold.

After reaching the optimal weight, the AyurlSlim should not be stopped, but the dosage changes: 1 capsule several times a day. The duration of this course is about three months. After a short break, the course can begin again.

Additional measures

Specialists of Himalaya Herbals Healthcare at the time of weight loss on AyurSlim strongly recommend the following points:

1. Minimize or completely limit the consumption of fast carbohydrates. This means that you will have to give up confectionery baking, canned food, sausages, pasta and starchy foods. Beer and sweet fizzy drinks are also prohibited. It is useful to include in the diet:

– meat;

– fish (especially useful marine, rich in unsaturated fatty acids);

– eggs (it is better to give preference to quail);

– cheeses and cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat content;

– beans, greens;

– nuts and seeds.

The menu of one day can look something like this.

1. Breakfast: omelet from several eggs with greenery and mushrooms.

2. Snack: a leaf salad with low-fat cottage cheese and olive oil.

3. Lunch: boiled beef or poultry meat, fresh vegetable salad with lemon juice and low-fat yogurt.

4. Dinner: baked with vegetables fish.

2. Organize sufficient drinking regime. During the day you can use both pure water with the addition of lemon juice, and green tea without sugar. This will help in the rapid elimination of toxins and maintenance of the water-salt balance.

3. Start the exercise. Passive way of life will only reduce the effectiveness of bioadditives, so not too active people have to reconsider their views on sport. When there is not enough time to visit a specialized fitness area, it’s quite possible to get by with a short household charge, walking or cycling. Physical activity should occur up to four times a week. 30 minutes a day will be enough.


Dietary supplement from the company Himalaya Ayurslim has the following contraindications:

– age up to 18 years;

– pregnancy and lactation;

– individual intolerance of components;

– kidney failure;

– hypertension.

With care, bioadditives should be used for cardiovascular pathologies and diabetes.

There were no side effects when taking a weight loss product, however, in case of an overdose, nausea, dry mouth and stool disorders are not excluded.

Clinical trials regarding the interaction of AyurSlim Himalaya Herbals with other pharmaceutical products have not been conducted. If you need to take serious medications, before beginning weight loss therapy, you should contact a specialist.

How to buy Ayurslim? Price

You can buy Ayurslim in online and offline stores specializing in the sale of Ayurveda products. The price of the product in such places varies from $ 40 to $ 60 per package of 60 capsules. Since one jar for completing the full course will not be enough, some sellers offer to acquire a set immediately, that is, to buy products of the company Himalaya cheaper.

Through online pharmacies, especially those devoted to ayeverdic products, the drug is also being sold.