Premature ejaculation - how to deal with it?

Premature ejaculation - how to deal with it

There is a delicate topic that no man wants to talk about - this is premature ejaculation. However, from the fact that people turn to back problems, they have the property of accumulating and aggravating. Therefore I propose to shed light on the problem of premature ejaculation and to outline the ways of its solution.

What is premature ejaculation?

First, let's define the concept. Today, you can often hear or read advertising medical centers that promise to solve the problem of premature ejaculation, and call it any sexual intercourse that lasts less than half an hour. So, I tell you, you can involuntarily fall into despair, but you should not do this. You can not succumb to advertising tricks - premature can be considered only that ejaculation, which occurs immediately after the onset of sexual intercourse (literally within one to two minutes) and is not controlled by a man.

Causes of premature ejaculation

All causes of premature ejaculation can be divided into two large groups. The first is organic changes at different levels (from the penis to the brain), which prevent partners from enjoying closeness to the fullest.

1. Defeat of the brain (paracentral lobular syndrome) in which a stable focus of pathologically strong excitation is formed in the central nervous system. This is not about sexual arousal, but about excessive activity of the site of the nervous system. The cause of the syndrome may be trauma or concussion. Patients complain not only of premature ejaculation, but also of urination disorders (up to enuresis), pollutions.

2. Spinal cord injury. If the pathological process develops in the lumbosacral spinal cord (spine trauma, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, etc.), it can lead to any violations of sexual function.

3. The next level is directly the reproductive system. In the area of the prostate gland there is a place called the seminal tubercle: it is responsible for the onset of ejaculation, and if the tubercle is inflamed, premature ejaculation is possible. What is often observed with prostatitis and infections of the genital area.

The second large group of causes is a psychological problem. The basis is the uncertainty of the partner in themselves and their abilities, stress, anxiety before the sexual act, an excessive desire to please the partner, which only strengthens the fear of a possible failure. Very often this is enough to make the sexual act of the greatest of pleasures become a kind of frightening procedure.

Does this improve the quality of sex? No! The man suffers a fiasco, failure only pours oil on the fire of uncertainty in his own forces, the circle closes.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Treatment of premature ejaculationThe main thing to do in the presence of organic causes is to eliminate them. Cure the infection of the genitourinary system, remove inflammation, if necessary - check and treat the spine. And what if there are no obvious reasons, and the man can not hold out longer than two or three minutes? Then you need to make maximum efforts, but try to solve the problem. It's worth it! Address to the sexologist or the psychologist.

Work on yourself, try to analyze all your sensations before and during intercourse. Honestly tell yourself if you are afraid of failure before intimacy. If so, do everything to eliminate this factor, since fear is one of those fundamental and oldest emotions that affects all processes without exception.

But what if we can not break that vicious circle, which we talked about a minute earlier? There are some practical tips. Not the most pleasant option - an operation on the penis, whose goal is to intersect the nerve endings and reduce its sensitivity. It sounds menacing, but in fact it's easier than curing a tooth, the problem here is rather in psychology. Decide on this is not easy.

Using Escitalopram for premature ejaculation

The second, much simpler option is taking Escitalopram (this is just the name of the active substance, so there is no hidden advertising here). The peculiarity, or, if you will, the side effect of this group of drugs is a marked delay in ejaculation, they do not cause any harm to the health of the man.

Perhaps, so you can take the first step - to break the vicious circle, gain self-confidence, and then the need for pills will disappear. The only warning - be sure to consult a doctor, since the drugs escitalopram, although released without a prescription, belong to the group of antidepressants and should be administered under the supervision of a specialist. Be healthy and enjoy all the joys of life. Women, perhaps this material will be no less interesting than men, because sex is a game for both!

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