How to buy Valtrex medicine online?

Valtrex 500mg and 1000mg Information. Valtrex online for sale

Valtrex 500mg and 1000mg Information. Valtrex online for sale


Dr. Arvind MahadevanDr. Arvind Mahadevan, MD

Herpes medication Valtrex

A family of the DNA-viruses Herpesviridae still influences on the vital activity of the mankind. It is subject to 1-3 types of the viruses of this family. These viruses are kept in the nervous system after the infecting, and it is clinically manifested during the action of the aggressive factors.

Valtrex - best anti herpes tablets

The problem of the Herpesviridae treatment is acute in the modern medicine due to two reasons:

  • The virus is conditioned by the increase level of the infection and the disease incidence is global.
  • There is no treatment today that allows to completely eliminate a germ from the body.

On the background of these problems, the modern approaches of the treatment of the herpes virus are based on the reduced number of the disease relapses and the increase of the local immunity to this type of the virus.

Dr. Arvind MahadevanDr. Arvind Mahadevan, MD: Valtrex is regarded as the gold standard in the treatment of the DNA-viruses Herpesviridae. This medication has a narrow antiviral effect which is active as to herpes virus.

Due to the isolated action on the viruses at the DNA level, it is able to inhibit the increased activity of Herpesviridae in a short period, and due to this, the disease symptoms are reduced that may be manifested differently and affect various parts of the body.

As Valtrex acts on a cause of the development of the herpes virus symptoms, it is regarded as more effective than the local anti-inflammatory products that are used to reduce discomfort during relapses. Moreover, Valtrex inhibits the activity of the viruses for a long period, and a quantity of the relapses is dropped during the regular use of the drug.

But, the most important advantage of  Valtrex is a poor ability of the herpes virus to produce a resistance to this drug. It defines the high results of the treatment achieved by the patients during the long-term use of the pills, during transplantation of the organs, or HIV infection.

Valtrex generic. Valtrex 500 mg and 1000 mg tablet description

A variety of the antiviral action of Valacyclovir covers all types of the DNA-viruses in Herpesviridae family. The main indications for the use of Valacyclovir are orofacial herpes, genital herpes, and herpes zoster. Moreover, the use of Valacyclovir is useful in order to prevent the cytomegalovirus infection and for patients who have had a transplantation of the organs and tissues.

A brand name Valtrex was patented in 1995, when FDA approved the use of Valacyclovir for the herpes treatment. In 14 years, in 2009, the patent protection of Valtrex ended, so that the first Generics Valtrex appeared on the market of the US and Canada.

Valtrex 500 mg and 1000 mg

Generic Valtrex is a medication that has been developed on the basis of the molecular formula Valacyclovir but it is for sale under the unpatented name. According to the pharmacological characteristics, Generics do not differ from the original drug because they have the identical chemical formula. They cost cheaper but the difference in the cost depends on the production process of Generics without longstanding studies and expenses on the development.

The pharmacological company has got the original formula of Valacyclovir and used it for the creation of the analogue of Valtrex. Both Generics, and original Valtrex is produced in the pills 500 mg and 1000 mg. A various dose suggests a use of the drug in different groups of the patients.

Valtrex pills informationThe pills have a prolate form, blue color, and a dose 500 mg or 1000 mg is written on them. Valtrex provides an intensive pharmacological action as to the herpes virus regardless of the amount of the active ingredients in a pill. A dose influences on the intensity of the affection of the DNA virus cells.

The mechanism of the action is conditioned by the penetration of Valacyclovir into the cellular structure of the active viruses and a destruction of the DNA chains that serve as the only part in the process of the virus replication. This way, in case of the destruction of the chain of the viral DNA, they gradually start lowering its activity and cannot replicate in the healthy cells. This way, Valtrex reduces the active stage of the virus replication and copes with the disease symptoms.

Valtrex price. How much does Valtrex cost?

Nowadays, patients with herpes virus do not have much choice of medications that really help to reduce the herpes symptoms. Therefore, Valtrex is the gold standard in the treatment of this disease.

How much does Valtrex cost at pharmacy

Of course, before buying Valtrex, every person wants to know where to buy Valtrex cheaper and how to save money on the purchase. A comparison of prices on Valtrex may slightly shock you. If you go to the next city pharmacy, you will be offered original brand Valtrex. A cost of the brand Valtrex 500 mg (just 30 pills) starts from $360 in the city pharmacies. The large pharmacy chains set extra charges, and so a cost of the package of Valtrex 500 mg may reach $400 in these sellers. One pack is enough for the entire cycle of the treatment (if light types of the disease – HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV), this is rather high cost and is not affordable for many people.

Even if we consider the prices of Generic Valtrex 500 mg, a cost of the package with 300 pills will cost not more than $40. Moreover, Generic Valtrex costs cheaper than the brand, the online pharmacies sell the drug at a wholesale price, and so a discount grows.

A difference is really big, and if a pill of Valtrex 500 mg costs $10-15 in the city pharmacy, a pill of Valtrex 500 mg will cost $1-1,2 in the online pharmacy.

Order Valtrex online. How to get Valtrex?

Knowing the advantages of the pricing policy of the internet pharmacies, many customers prefer ordering Valtrex online and do not overpay in the city pharmacies. Order Valtrex online by means of any device with the internet: your office computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Order Valtrex online

The procedure of the order is clear and suggests 3 steps: 

  • A choice of the dosing and number of pills in the package;
  • Ordering and entering the personal data;
  • A choice of the shipping and payment for the order.

Every step takes not more than 2-3 minutes. To order Valtrex online, you should have a bank card for the payment of the order. All modern online pharmacies support safe and reliable bank payments, and you can be confident in the confidentiality of your payment data.

It is easy to receive your package. If you order Valtrex online, you will be offered two ways of the shipment: shipment by the post office or express shipping. A courier may deliver your package to any address you will indicate, and you will receive your medication whenever you are: at home, or at work.

Do I need a prescription for buying Valtrex?

Buying Valtrex in the city pharmacy, a pharmacist will ask for a prescription in 99%. But if you decided to order Valtrex online, a prescription is not needed.

The matter is that getting a prescription takes much time and you will have to pay for the services of the private doctor. Therefore, in order to avoid this legalistic process, online pharmacies offer to buy Valtrex without prescription, and if needed, they provide free services of a pharmacist who will answer your questions by phone or live chat.

A pharmacist cannot make a diagnosis, and so do not rely just on the consultation of the pharmacist online. But, a qualified specialist will inform you how to take Valtrex, how to avoid the side effects, and what dose to select in your case.

Buying Valtrex without prescription will save your time and money.

Shingles treatment with Valtrex. How long does shingles last with Valtrex?

The herpes zoster is seldom met than a cold sore on the lips or genital herpes but it is characterized by the more intensive clinical pattern and affections of the significant parts of the body.

Shingles treatment with Valtrex

Moreover, the disease may cause complications in the form of the post-herpetic neuralgia, a chronic painful syndrome which is related to the lesion of the central nervous system. During the absence of the physical factors to the pain development, a patient feels discomfort, cannot sleep and do common things. Therefore, the shingles needs a complex and instant treatment.

The use of Valtrex during shingles is aimed at the fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • Preventing of the complications;
  • Reduction of the space of the rash spreading;
  • Reduction of the intensity of the symptoms.

The treatment is usually done at home but a patient should be isolated from healthy people because varicella zoster virus is infectious and easily airborne transmitted.

The use of Valtrex is intended to relieve the patient’s state, and accelerate the process of the healing. A formation of the skin crusts starts on the 3rd week without the treatment, and a complete cleaning of the skin happens in 4-5 weeks. Taking Valtrex, the skin crusts are formed within 14 days, and the skin is completely clean in 21 days.

If patients with normal immune status do not have an acute need to use Valtrex, patients with low immunity have to take this drug during the shingles.

The standard scheme of the treatment of the herpes zoster with Valtrex:

  • The treatment takes 7 to 10 days.
  • A single dose is 500 mg.
  • A number of single doses within a day is 5.

Valtrex 500 mg should be taken every 4-5 hours following the dosing and without missing any dose. The dosing is identical for patients with the normal immune status, and during immune deficiency. A difference is that patients with low immunity should take Valtrex 500 mg one week longer in order to eliminate the outbreak of the viral infection.

Valtrex alternative

As of today, the modern pharmacological market cannot offer a wide choice of medications for the treatment of the herpes virus. However, there are still several alternatives that are not worse than Valtrex.

  • Acyclovir (Zovirax) has the same action as to all types of the herpes virus but it is slightly inferior to Valacyclovir as to the intensity of the pharmacological action. Due to this, Acyclovir needs a longer and more frequent application.
  • Famciclovir (Famvir). The modern studies prove that this drug provides enough efficiency, however its application is good after the main course of the antiviral therapy to accelerate the healing of the post-herpetic neuralgia.

Acyclovir pills

However, even this set of medications will be enough in order to effectively control and inhibit the symptoms of the viruses in Herpesviridae family. It is up to a patient and his/her physician what drug to select according to the clinical pattern and a type of the herpetic infection.

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