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Meldonium 500 or 250 mg for unlock your intellectual and physical potential

Meldonium 500 or 250 mg for unlock your intellectual and physical potential

Meldonium is a harmful dope or a vital drug?

Meldonium is a drug that will now be associated with scandals in sports.

However, this drug, which is prescribed not only to athletes with increased physical exertion, but also to people suffering from a lack of oxygen or ischemic pathologies.

Meldonium: Instructions for use

Meldonium (Mildronate) is an antiarrhythmic agent of the IB-class.

It improves metabolism – metabolic processes in the human body.

Acts by suppression of gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxynase, inhibition of carnitine production, which is called a related vitamin B group, transfer of acylcarnitine derivatives, acetylcoenzyme A.

Meldonium has the following effect:

– vasodilating;

– eliminates the symptoms of overstrain – both mental and physical;

– protects the heart;

– increases myocardial contractility;

– tones up the central nervous system;

– when alcoholism eliminates violations in the work of the central nervous system, if the patient refused to drink alcohol;

– protects the integrity of the walls of blood vessels;

– reduces the oxygen demand of myocardial cells;

– reduces the effects of oxygen starvation;

– stimulates tissue and humoral immunity, increases resistance to infections.


Meldonium, prescribed for myocardial infarction, inhibits the development of tissue necrosis in the heart, so that the dying zone expands more slowly, accelerating the recovery of the patient.

The drug is well absorbed from the digestive tract if it is prescribed in dosage forms for internal administration. The maximum concentration is observed after 60-120 minutes after use.

Bioavailability is 78%. In the body it decomposes into two metabolites, which are excreted by the kidneys.

The doctor appoints Meldonium as part of a comprehensive treatment for such diseases:

– an abstinence syndrome in patients with chronic alcoholism;

– rehabilitation after surgery;

– impaired cerebral circulation of acute and chronic form as a consequence of strokes and cerebrovascular insufficiency;

– impairment of working capacity, significant physical exertion, including those involved in sports.

Meldonium is effective in ocular diseases (parabulbar injection is prescribed):

– impaired blood flow of the eye retina in the acute phase;

– hemophthalmus, when blood enters the vitreous or into the surrounding space;

– the formation of thrombi in the central vein of the retina or in branching vessels;

– retinopathy, including those arising as a consequence of diabetes and hypertension.

Meldonium Mode of application

Athletes are prescribed Meldonium in combination with other drugs on an individual basis. The same if the application of the remedy is caused by illness. Such daily doses are established.

Patients after the operation, during overloads, during the rehabilitation period:

capsules inside by 0.25 g from 2 to 4 times, intramuscularly (in / m) – by 0.5 g to 2 times.

Duration of therapy – from 10 to 14 days, therapy is allowed to repeat after 14-21 days.

With stable angina, the first 3-4 days are prescribed by 0.25 g 3 times. Then take inside twice a week at a daily dosage of 0.25 g 3 times. The duration of therapy is from 4 to 6 weeks.

In the unstable form of angina and myocardial infarction, Meldonium is used intravenously in a jet method, 0.5 g or 1 g once a day. In the future, appoint inwards: 3-4 days – 0.25 g 2 times, then 2 days a week for 0.25 g 3 times a day.

In chronic heart failure, the drug is administered intravenously in a jet method every day at a dose of 0.5-1 g or replaced by intramuscular injection of 0.5 g to 2 times a day. After 10-14 days of treatment, the patient is transferred to 0.5g capsules, which he takes 1 time in the morning. The course of treatment is from 4 to 6 weeks.

In cardialgia associated with dyshormonal dystrophy of the myocardium, the drug is administered iv by a jet method once a day for 0.5-1 g or IM to 2 times a day for 0.5 g. After 10-14 days, a capsular form is prescribed For 0.25 mg in the morning and in the evening, the treatment continues for another 12 days.

With disturbed cerebral circulation, Meldonium is recommended during an exacerbation period of 0.5 g once a day for 10 days, then in capsule form – 0.5 g daily for 14-21 days. In the chronic form of circulatory disorders of the brain, a course of treatment of 14-21 days is prescribed.

Solution for injection is injected intramuscularly by 0.5 g once a day or prescribed by mouth at 0.25 g (the frequency depends on the severity of the patient’s condition).

An abstinence syndrome requires a course of therapy with Meldonium for 7-10 days. Then the patient is shown a four-fold intake of the drug during the day for 0.5 g orally or twice – intravenously.

In vascular diseases of the fundus, dystrophy of the retina, Meldonium is prescribed retrobulbarno and subconjunctivally 0,05 g for 10 days.

Meldonium Form of issue, Composition

Meldonium is available in several dosage forms:

– injection for 100 mg / ml, 5 ml ampoules, 5 or 10 ampoules in the package;

– solution for injection with a concentration of 500 mg / 5 ml, in the package from 5 to 100 ampoules;

– Capsules 250, 500 mg in a blister, 3, 6 packs in a cardboard bundle;

– syrup.

Meldonium Interaction with other substances

Meldonium is cautiously prescribed with vasodilating, antihypertensive agents, in particular, with nitroglycerin, alpha-adrenoblockers, nifedipine.

In such cases, the development of unwanted effects is likely – a clinically significant reduction in blood pressure, moderate tachycardia.

Meldonium potentiates the action of cardiac glycosides, as well as antianginal, some means to lower blood pressure.

Meldonium Features of application

Meldonium characterizes good tolerability. But still there are some caveats about his relative.

Meldonium Side effects

Meldonium usually has a mild effect on the body. But patients rarely developed such side effects:

– In the heart and blood vessels – tachycardia (a symptom manifested in violation of the heart rhythm), changes in blood pressure;

– In the central nervous system – psychomotor agitation;

– in the digestive tract – symptoms of digestive disorders;

– immune system – allergic reactions, rash, swelling, redness of the skin.

Meldonium Contraindications

Meldonium is not prescribed to a patient if it has increased intracranial pressure, including due to impaired venous outflow, intracranial neoplasms.

Contraindicated drug for people who are hypersensitive to the active substance.

It is not determined how safe Mildonia treats in adolescents and children under 18 years of age. It is known that the capsular form is contraindicated for children under 18 years old, and the syrup is up to 12 years.

In pregnancy

Meldonium is not prescribed to pregnant women, as it was not possible to prove its safety to the mother and child. If you need to prescribe a medicine to a nursing woman, then during the therapy, breastfeeding is discontinued: it is not known whether the substance penetrates into the milk.

Terms and Conditions of Storage

Meldonium preserves medicinal properties 24 months from the date of manufacture – this date is indicated on a cardboard pack and on the immediate packaging.

The optimum temperature for the capsules is up to + 25 C, in a place protected from moisture and sun. Do not forget to hide the medicine package from children.
The drug is referred to the list B. It is released in pharmacies according to the prescription.

Overdose of Meldonium

Symptoms of overdose are not indicated.

However, if the dose is exceeded, the following can be observed:

– headache;

– clinically significant reduction in blood pressure;

– tachycardia;

– dizziness;

General weakness.
In this case, the patient is prescribed symptomatic treatment.

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