cold sore treatment

Cold sore treatment. How to get rid of cold sores?

Cold sore treatment. How to get rid of cold sores?


Dr. Arvind Mahadevan, MD

What is a cold sore? What does a cold sore look like?

Сold sore is an inflammatory process in the area of the mucous membranes of lips, nose, internal part of cheeks or around the mouth and chin. This disease may be manifested in the form of the small blisters with clear fluid inside, and it may look like small ulcers covered by the white film. The cold sore has the same origin regardless of the external look, and in 90% of cases, they are caused by herpes simplex virus.

what does a cold sore look like?

According to the statistics, about 80% of people all over the world are responsive to the cold sore because their DNA contains the herpes simplex virus. The symptoms of the cold sore are usually kept within 7-10 days, and then they pass without the use of the medical products.

If a patient has a severe itching and discomfort during the development of the disease symptoms, a treatment is prescribed to quickly block the virus. The cold sore is often confused with pustule. Before the manifestation of the herpes, one may feel burning or even pain in the area of the lips. This illness is usually located on the lip line, rich red and does not pass within a week. The blisters with the herpes virus are very itchy, and they quickly affect new tissues if you try to get rid of them.

The cold sore is called as fever blisters in the clinical practice. The disease is not dangerous itself, and if the precautions are followed, the blisters and ulcers do not spread on the skin.

However, the disease may be dangerous for other people because it is infectious and is easily transmitted. Moreover, in case of the poor human immunity, the ulcers may appear not only on the lips, nose and cheeks, but also on the arms, eyelids, and other mucous membranes and soft tissues.

If the cold sore was caused by the herpes virus type 2, there is a risk to transfer a genital herpes to a healthy patient.

What causes cold sores? Cold sore stages

Blisters and ulcers on the lips are caused by the herpes simplex virus – HSV-1. This is the most common disease caused by the herpes virus, and according to the statistics, about 98% of people have faced its symptoms once in a life.

Once the virus penetrates in the body (it often happens at an early age), it remains inactive during the whole life and aggravates during the decreased immunity. A trigger of the cold sore is usually overcooling or a sudden change of the climate. Therefore, the rash on the lips is called this way.

In case of the overcooling or a sudden change of the climate, the body adaptation happens, and so the protective properties of the immunity are reduced. The virus attacks the healthy cells of the mucous membranes during this period, and it is manifested on the lips or cheeks.

The disease passes 5 stages within 10 days:

  • Stage 1: tingling.

A patient experiences a light tingling on the lips but the blisters and ulcers are not visible. This area is itchy or slightly painful. People do not usually pay attention to these symptoms, and therefore they notice the first signs of the cold sore only on the second stage.

  • Stage 2: inflammation

The area where tingling and itching is felt is inflamed within 24-48 hours, and the first small blisters appear. The blisters are filled with the clear fluid and may merge with each other forming a severe inflammation and edema. The skin around the affection becomes red and itchy.

cold sore stages: 1, 2, 3

  • Stage 3: formation of ulcers

In three days, the blisters dry out and are popped, and small ulcers appear on the skin. These ulcers and fluid flowing out of them are the most infectious because they contain the particles of the virus. The ulcers are quickly healed but the maximal hygiene should be followed during this period.

  • Stage 4: skin crusts

The skin crusts are formed instead of the ulcers from 4 to 7 day, and they tell that the disease has turned into the passive stage and is not dangerous anymore for other people. It is very important to keep these crusts, otherwise the scars may be left.

cold sore stages: 4, 5

  • Stage 5: a complete healing.

The skin crusts completely fall off from 7 to 10 days, and a complete healing of the ulcers happen.

The disease is not kept for more than 10 days even if you do not use creams, ointments, and tablets. In extreme cases, the stage of the healing will take 2 weeks but it happens during the poor immunity. In these cases, medications are recommended.

Cold sores symptoms

There is a category of people who are less vulnerable to the fever blisters and do not have any symptoms until the ulcers appear. But these people are not more than 15%.

cold sores symptoms

The disease symptoms are usually manifested on the second day and include:

  • Itching;
  • Redness of the skin around the area of the inflammation;
  • Blisters with the clear fluid;
  • Ulcers covered with white film;
  • Inflammation of the tongue or internal part of the mucus of cheeks;
  • Numerous ulcers on the mucus of the lips or nose.

The disease seldom has a severe form, and therefore the cold sore is not dangerous type of the herpes virus.

The patients may have the high body temperature, difficult swallowing, and headache in less than 3% of cases. But in case of these symptoms, it is necessary to take the blood test and detect a type of the herpes virus. The cold sore may be accompanied by the severe type of the herpes virus that should be treated as soon as possible.

How to prevent cold sores?

A peculiarity of the cold sores is that you never know the moment of the aggravation of the disease and an activation of the herpes virus. Therefore, the prevention of the cold sores is based on the basic principles of the immunity increase. The stronger the protection of your body will be, the longer the virus will be inactive in the cells of the nervous system.

The basic principles of the prophylaxis of the cold sores:

  • Avoid overcooling or severe heating of the body. The severe change of the temperature of the body will make your immunity to reduce the level of the protection.
  • Avoid a mutual use of the hygiene items with other people. You cannot be confident that this person does not have the herpes virus.
  • Do not touch the soft tissues with dirty hands. This part quickly reacts to the herpes virus.
  • Improve your immunity. It is a general recommendation aimed at the increase of the protective properties of the body. Consume more vitamins, go for run in the mornings, prefer cool shower.
  • Avoid the dryness of the skin. It may sound weirdly but doctors have found out that herpes develops more actively on the dry and dehydrated skin.

How to stop a cold sore? Cold sore tablets

The cold sore is one of the symptoms of the herpes virus. The treatment of herpes on the lips comes down to a weakening of the virus during the primary aggravation and a relapse in order to prevent the development of the complications, and arrest separate symptoms of the cold sore.

cold sore tablets Valtrex Valacyclovir

But you should know that none product in the world can cure of the herpes virus. It builds into the DNA structure during the reach of the body, and it lives on the cellular level. Fortunately, doctors have managed to cope with the symptoms of the virus and know how to reduce the frequency of the cold sore manifestations, and therefore the disease is not dangerous even if it is in your body all the time.

To stop the cold sore, it is enough to follow two main principles:

  • Enhance the natural protective mechanisms;
  • Inhibit the activity of the herpes simplex virus.

Dr. Arvind Mahadevan, MD: The vitamin-mineral complexes and immunostimulants cope well with the first task. They activate the additional protective cells that will make the virus leave. But the use of the special antiviral products is required. It is better to use Valtrex (Valacyclovir).

10-15 years ago, Acyclovir was used in the medical practice but the clinical studies showed that Valacyclovir has more active form and faster blocks the spreading of the virus cells.

The Valtrex pills have one peculiarity: it is active only during the cold sore and other types of the herpes virus. This antiviral drug will not do if you have papilloma virus or influenza. The focused effect gives a possibility to completely reduce the symptoms of the cold sore within 3-5 days and increase a local immunity in the mucus to prevent the relapse of the disease.

The pills of Acyclovir and Valacyclovir have proved the efficiency, and so they are often used during the aggravation of the cold sore. Why pills and not ointment? The matter is that a common ointment which contains Valacyclovir will do for the cold sore. But it acts only on the area of the application and works only if the symptoms appeared on the lips only. If the ulcers formed on the internal part of the cheeks or nose, it is not convenient to apply the ointment. As to the pills, they provide a systemic action and will effectively work even if the disease is manifested in several places at once.

How to cure cold sores with Valtrex (Valacyclovir) 500mg and 1000mg?

The cold sore is the most harmless type of the herpes virus, and therefore the treatment comes down to the fast reduction of the negative symptoms and a deactivation of the virus that is inside the blisters in order to prevent the transmission of the disease.

cold sores treatment with valtrex valacyclovir 500mg

Valtrex pills are meant for this. In order to treat the cold sore, it is necessary to start taking the pills of Valtrex from the first days of the disease. If you feel itching and tingling on the lips, noticed a light redness in this area, start taking Valtrex.

It is better if these pills are at hand, and you can start the treatment at once. If you know that the cold sore appears once a year, Valacyclovir should be kept in your medicine box.

Valtrex is released in pills 500 mg and 1000 mg. Your doctor or pharmacist in the online pharmacy may recommend what dose to select. There are two schemes of the treatment of the cold sore that you can try:

  • Scheme 1: Valtrex 500 mg is taken 2 times per day within 5 days. 10 hours should pass between the use of every pill.
  • Scheme 2: two pills of Valtrex 1000 mg should be taken in the morning and evening (a general dose is 4 g). At least 12 hours should pass between the use of the first and the second dose. A high dose of Valacyclovir a patient takes a day causes a sudden inhibition of the virus cells, and so the treatment goes faster. But this method has more contraindications, and the drug should not be taken for more than a day.

Valtrex price. Buy Valtrex online

If you are going to buy Valtrex, it is necessary to analyze the prices on the market and select a pharmacy with the lowest price for Valtrex. The average cost of Brand Valtrex 500 mg is $10 per pill in the city pharmacies of the USA. This price is unreasonably high and restricts the possibilities of the people with low and average income level. The treatment of the cold sore takes about 10 days, and a pack with 30 pills costs $300.

buy Valtrex online over the internet

But if we consider the prices of Valtrex online, we can see that the cost of every pill 500 mg does not exceed $1. Many pharmacies offer to buy Valtrex online at a cost of $0,50 per pill.

These prices are conditioned by the fact that the online pharmacies supply medications directly without any dealers, and prices on the counters are close to the wholesale prices of a manufacturer. Due to this, it is very quickly and cost-efficient to buy Valtrex online. You can compare prices of Valtrex online and make sure that the pills selling in the pharmacies of your city should not be very expensive. Their real cost is by ten times lower.

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