Treating impotence in men

The process of treating impotence in men. How is impotence treated?

The process of treating impotence in men. How is impotence treated?


Any problems in the sexual sphere are perceived by men extremely exciting, provoking the development of stress and depression. As a result of such a psychoemotional disorder, potency suffers, which only aggravates the situation. In this regard, doctors strongly recommend men to consult a specialist immediately after the first signs of sexual disorders.

The term “male impotence” (erectile dysfunction) is understood to mean a decrease in erection or its complete absence, as a result of which sexual intercourse becomes impossible. Sexual disorders are usually not an independent disease, but rather act as an alarming signal about existing ailments and pathologies. And only a medical specialist knows for sure how to treat such a syndrome as impotence in men.

How is impotence treated?

Treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction) with oral drugs

Not so long ago, impotence was considered to be a purely age-related problem that occurs in older men. Today, doctors increasingly diagnose disorders of the sexual sphere in young men. And only by a medical method it is possible to eliminate the prerequisites that provoke problems with erection and potency, since self-treatment without establishing the causes cannot be expedient.

Drug treatment of impotence involves the use of oral pharmacological drugs:

1. Viagra

viagra for erectionViagra (Sildenafil) is a synthetic drug based on the substance sildenafil.

Its action is aimed at the expansion of blood vessels, making it easier for a man to achieve an erect state. In addition, a rush of blood provides high sensitivity, increased libido and long sexual intercourse.

At the same time, irrational use of Viagra can cause nausea, retching, headache, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, and sleep disorders.

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2. Cialis

cialis for erectionCialis (Tadalafil) is another potent drug whose main ingredient is tadalafil.

The drug Cialis also accelerates blood flow, helping to improve all sexual functions. It is forbidden to take Cialis with alcohol.

The difference of Cialis from Viagra is the duration of exposure.

This drug can be used as prescribed by a doctor, as there are contraindications and side effects to it.

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3. Levitra

levitra for erectionLevitra (Vardenafil) – a drug that increases blood circulation in the pelvic area, due to which the man achieves a strong erection. Levitra components provide a long lasting effect for up to 12 hours. In addition, the advantage of this drug is the fact that it can be taken for people with diabetes.

For each drug, the doctor must write out the regimen of its administration, but, as a rule, tablets are taken shortly before sexual intercourse no more than 1 time per day. It is better to start with the minimum doses, gradually increasing them until the man is satisfied with the result. Before starting the therapy, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in detail with the indications and contraindications to the chosen stimulator of sexual functions.

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How to recognize impotence (erectile dysfunction)? Establishing diagnosis

To understand whether it is possible to cure impotence (erectile dysfunction) in a man, you first need to make sure that the diagnosis is accurate. Today, almost every second man has experienced problems with an erection of a temporary nature, as well as a consequence of violations in the body. In this case, not for all men, doctors passed a verdict – impotence. In addition, experts note that it is incorrect to talk about impotence, if a man retains desire and sexual desire, even if there are some problems with erection.

For reference! For many doctors, the diagnosis of impotence is a responsible decision. In order to make it, the patient must undergo a comprehensive diagnosis in the clinic.

Only if the doctor determined the symptoms of impotence and after the diagnosis gave a verdict, then you can use drug or other treatment for this problem. The most important symptom of impotence is considered a gradual decrease in sexual desire or its absolute absence. The next sign is a weak erection, due to which the man is not able to have sexual intercourse, as well as the absence of morning erection, partial reduction or absence of erection during sex.

How to recognize impotence?

Only if a man notices such signs for more than 3 months, it is advisable to visit a narrow medical specialist. Even if a specialist confirms the diagnosis of impotence, sexual activity can be restored by competent complex treatment.

It is also important to know that impotence can be of several types, depending on the prerequisites, doctors distinguish two types – psychogenic and organic impotence. Determining what type of specific case is, it will be possible to draw up a scheme of effective treatment.

The basics of impotence treatment. How to treat erectile dysfunction?

In order for a doctor to choose a treatment for impotence (erectile dysfunction) that will effectively eliminate any sexual dysfunctions and disorders, it is important to accurately determine the causes of impotence at the diagnostic stage. To begin, the doctor must learn about the patient’s lifestyle, his diet, the presence of bad habits, the degree of physical activity, etc. Next, depending on the type of impotence, the doctor considers possible options for preconditions of sexual impotence.

Causes of psychogenic impotence (erectile dysfunction):

  • stresses, conflict situations, depressive states;
  • bed incompatibility;
  • alcoholism;
  • addiction;
  • mental disorders.

Causes of organic impotence (erectile dysfunction):

  • diabetes mellitus (most often impotence is observed in type 2 diabetes);
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • vascular impotence in hypertension and other vascular pathologies;
  • injuries and mechanical effects on the spinal cord and brain;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (most often prostatitis or infections);
  • bruises and injuries of the genitals;
  • impaired blood circulation of the prostate gland;
  • prolonged sexual abstinence or long sexual intercourse.

For reference! Only by determining the exact cause of the development of psychogenic or physiological impotence, by eliminating it, a specialist can return a man’s previous level of sexual activity.

Methods of impotence treatment

There are several basics of treatment of sexual impotence in men:

1. Drug treatment of impotence – the doctor may prescribe a number of drugs in the form of tablets to stimulate sexual function. Stimulant preparations have a high percentage of effectiveness, but at the same time have a number of contraindications, as well as side effects.

2. Injection treatment of impotence – according to the prescription of a specialist, a man can be injected directly into the penis to increase blood circulation. It is this effect that guarantees a strong and stable erection so that a man is capable of full sexual intercourse.

3. Surgical intervention – only according to strict indications the doctor can perform a certain type of surgery if conservative treatment was not effective.

4. Psychological impotence therapy – in case of psychogenic impotence, consultation and the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist may be required.

In addition, many doctors approve of non-traditional methods of impotence treatment with homeopathic medicines or traditional medicine. Such techniques will be effective if they are combined with the main treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Drug treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Only a narrow medical specialist can determine how it is advisable to treat impotence in order to eliminate the causes of impotence without harming the body.

All existing medicinal medicines can be divided into several types, namely:

1. Urethral medications – using a specific applicator, the drug is injected straight into the urethra shortly before sexual intercourse. Such drugs include thrombaxan, prostaglin and leukotrienes. Much confidence among doctors enjoys one of these medicines – “Muse”, which increases blood flow, guaranteeing a man a strong erection.

Muse (alprostadil) urethral medication for erection and impotence

2. Injection drugs – the drug is injected directly into the patient’s penis. Thanks to this therapy, blood circulation is improved, due to which the corpus cavernosum of the penis is fully filled with blood, ensuring a strong erection. The effect of this method of stimulating erection lasts for 1 hour.

Penis injections for erection - papaverine and alprostadil

In medical practice, it is customary to divide injection drugs into 4 groups:

  • products containing papaverine;
  • mixed products with papaverine and phentolamine;
  • alprostadil-based products;
  • combined preparations containing papaverine, alprostadil and phentolamine.

Both treatment options for impotence demonstrate high percentages of effectiveness if the patient does not have strict contraindications to the active ingredients.

The use of such drugs is possible only on prescription of a doctor, since self-medication can threaten a man with side effects.

Impotence treatment in the clinic

Numerous modern clinics have long developed a number of new impotence treatment methods, which today are in great demand. In such clinics, an increase in potency can be carried out in a hospital or remotely, but strictly according to the testimony of a doctor. It is very rare for a doctor to prescribe a patient for one method of treatment, since impotence is a syndrome and not an independent disease.

Impotence treatment in the clinic

There are several modern methods of impotence treatment in the clinic:

1. Psychotherapy – the definition of the emotional state of the patient and the possible causes of sexual disorders. A psychotherapist or psychologist advises the patient on techniques that increase sensitivity, remove barriers and clips that prevent relaxation.

2. Taking medications – depending on the causes of impotence, the doctor may prescribe hormones, erection stimulants, vitamins and dietary supplements, means to restore the functions of the sex glands and conduct impulses along the nerve fibers.

3. Vacuum treatment – using a negative pressure with a mechanical device, the pump pumps blood in the penis, which ensures the onset of erection. A special ring that is worn on the base of the penis helps to keep an erection. In this case, the technique is not a treatment, but only an auxiliary tool to achieve an erection.

4. Massage – this treatment helps to improve blood circulation, which improves the body’s metabolic processes and promotes vascular dilation. In addition, massages improve the psycho-emotional state and sensitivity.

5. Therapeutic physical training is an auxiliary treatment for strengthening the muscular system, namely, those muscles that are responsible for erection and the blood circulation of the pelvis.

6. Surgical treatment – if conservative treatment has proved ineffective, surgery techniques can be used, namely, prosthetic repair of a member or surgery on the vessels. The effectiveness of this technique is 95%, but its use must be strict indications. The disadvantage of such therapy is the high price.

7. Shock wave therapy is an innovative way to help cure impotence through the stimulating effect of acoustic waves. These waves provide the growth of new blood vessels for patients whose impotence was caused by microcirculation disorders.

Male impotence begins with erectile disorders and without proper treatment it can lead to complete impotence. Because of this, it becomes clear how important it is to consult a doctor in time to get qualified help. Medicine does not stand still, numerous innovative developments and technologies make it possible to fight erectile dysfunction even in the most neglected cases.

Numerous reviews of men confirm that the most effective treatment is impotence, which is based on several approaches at the same time. Today, treatment methods such as medication, massage, physiotherapy, homeopathy, magnetic laser therapy, physiotherapy, as well as a relatively new and effective method of shock wave therapy are welcome. A comprehensive approach to the treatment of impotence ensures the elimination of all possible causes of erectile disorders and stimulation of sexual functions.

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