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How to get rid of premature ejaculation – the causes and drugs for treatment PE

How to get rid of premature ejaculation – the causes and drugs for treatment PE


Premature ejaculation in men is caused by various disorders in the genital area. Eruption of the seed in this case occurs too early, which depresses the man himself and his partner. In medicine, specialists distinguish two types of this disease – primary, which is caused by the malfunctioning of certain brain nerve centers, and secondary – it develops as a result of trauma or medication.

A man should not panic at all, when he discovers his ejaculation earlier. Medical examination of the body, identifying the causes of the disease, timely treatment will help get rid of the problem, improve the potency and achieve a permanent erection penis. It is important to remember that severe depression will only exacerbate the pathological process. It’s better to pull yourself together and go to see a specialist doctor.

Premature ejaculation in men – the main reasons

The development of ejaculation disorders can occur in such cases:

– the presence of a chronic disease;

– with prostatitis and vesicles;

– with hormonal disorders;

– as a result of a trauma to the sacrum or other part of the spine;

– prolonged sexual abstinence;

– a deficiency in the male body of magnesium;

– with increased sensitivity of the glans penis;

– fear;

– stress;

– violations in the genital area, which are due to genetic predisposition.


A long period in medicine there was no single criterion for determining the norms of the time of ejaculation. Many believed that during sexual intercourse, the partner must certainly get an orgasm before the ejaculation of a man.

Other specialists were guided by the diagnosis of the duration of the sexual intercourse. Today, premature ejaculation is considered to be the onset of ejaculation before entering the male penis into the female vagina. It is this pathology and it is customary to call today in medicine premature ejaculation.

Very often, many men think up themselves problems with ejaculation and the presence of pathology. This can be facilitated by complexes or an incorrect statement by the partner. Regular failures in sexual life cause self-doubt and the subsequent fear of intercourse. Many modern men are in a situation of constant nervous tension.

Provocate the development of the disease can permanent family conflicts, quarrels and scandals. Stress has a direct effect on the ejaculatory function of men.

In the case when the doctor determines the diagnosis of “premature ejaculation”, it is necessary to start treatment of the disease in time. Thanks to the use of modern preparations of the new generation, it is possible to quickly correct the eruption of the seed and improve sexual life.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

How can I prolong a sexual intercourse with a man? The purpose of the drugs should be strictly individual. One of the patients will be helped by means that act instantly. They are used immediately before sexual intimacy. Others will require a long course of therapy. To increase the duration of erection will help various special techniques and techniques.

A good reception, which is recommended by many specialists with the sensation that an ejaculation is about to occur: a man needs to remove the penis from the vagina and tightly squeeze the base of the head with his fingers. After this, you can continue the sexual act. With the subsequent approach of ejaculation, the reception should be repeated. So you can increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Help to cope with the problem will be able to complex special exercises for pubic-coccygeal muscle. It must be strained and relaxed several times. Gradually, the number of contractions of this muscle increases.

Also prescribed medication for premature ejaculation.

Dapoxetine – a cure for premature ejaculation

Tablets for premature ejaculation Dapoxetine

Tablets for premature ejaculation Dapoxetine are considered the best in medical practice. However, they can not be taken together with alcohol, tranquilizers and narcotic drugs. Otherwise, undesirable manifestations on the part of the body may occur, and, accordingly, the state of health worsens.

It is not recommended to drink Dapoxetine tablets to men with heart, vascular, kidney diseases. The composition of the drug includes the substance of dapoxetine hypochloride.

The effect of Dapoxetine on the patient’s body:

– stimulates the production of sperm;

– improves blood circulation in the genital organs of men;

– intensifies sexual arousal;

– increases the time of sexual intercourse;

– prevents premature ejaculation.

The action of the tablets is focused on delaying ejaculation. Also, the cure for premature ejaculation has an anti-inflammatory effect in prostatitis. The drug restores the functions of the prostate gland and eliminates inflammation.

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