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Avodart online info

Avodart (Dutasteride) Instructions for use, price

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Before drug therapy, be sure to consult a doctor about taking Avodart

Instructions for use, price, analogues are described in the article, so study it to assess your financial capabilities and preferences regarding the doctor’s proposal for choosing a medicine.

The drug is not widely used, as are medicines aimed at treating colds, influenza, or bacterial infections. The agent refers to hormonal drugs, therefore only patients who are faced with the problem of improper synthesis of hormones know its function and purpose.

Who takes Avodart and how does it work?

Avodart is a hormone preparation containing dutasteride, the main enzyme that blocks the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT – androgen, which promotes benign proliferation (hyperplasia) of the prostate.

The group of patients receiving Avodart instructions includes a male gender suffering from prostatic adenoma due to a pathological increase in DHT in the body.

The effect of the drug develops gradually, the first results are visible only after two weeks – do not expect a quick recovery. The medicine is effective, this is confirmed by the reviews of those who were treated with this drug.

Drug instruction: indications, contraindications

Indications for use

The drug can be taken for treatment and prevention as a monotherapy (unique in treatment) or in complex therapy with alpha 1-adrenoblockers.

The effectiveness of the drug is not affected by eating. Take into account that the capsules can not be chewed and opened, you need to swallow them whole, as Avodart has an irritant effect on the mucous membrane.


Do not take patients who are allergic to the drug, women and children.

During pregnancy, taking a hormonal drug disrupts the formation of the genital organs of the fetus, so pregnant women are also prohibited from taking it. It is impossible to contact the skin of women and children with the drug, because it is absorbed through the skin surfaces!

With caution, the drug should be used for people suffering from liver failure: Avodart, according to the instructions for use, is subjected to a strong metabolism in the liver, and its half-life is up to five weeks.

Side effects

Undesirable effects are due to the anatomy of each person individually and they manifest themselves in all different ways.

Rarely is the allergic response of the body to the drug: itching, redness, angioedema.

Rarely manifested reaction from the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue: baldness or vice versa increase in hair growth.

There are depressive conditions, testicular edema and pain very rarely.

How much does Avodart cost?

Avodart price onlineThe drug is sold for 30 or 90 capsules in a package of 50 micrograms each. The price for Avodart depends on the place of purchase, it does not differ in low cost, like other hormonal drugs. 30 pieces cost about $36.06, 90 – $75.73 and above. Below is a link to buy at one of the cheapest pharmacies.

Avodart and feedback who was treated

Nikolay, 45 years old.

I am treated by Avodart for three months, I still do not notice any changes. But it is noticeably reduced attraction to his wife, maybe age affects? But erectile function also disrupted. The doctor says that you need to wait, after six months everything will be fine.

Michael, 39 years old.

I studied the instructions for Avodart application, prices, analogs, I think I will not accept. Many side effects, and judging by the reviews on the sites, the effect is not so much.

Oleg, 41 years old.

I took this drug, I was pleased: urination improved, even the mood rose! Now I forget about the problems, but the doctor advises not to stop the course of treatment.