“Male collapse” or erectile dysfunction

“Male collapse” or erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease called erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is observed in 52% of men over 40 years of age.

Causes of the disease

Causes of the diseaseThe reasons for such violations of erectile function can be many, and in order not to get confused, let’s break all the causes into 3 groups:

Organic disorders

Injury of penis

If the organ is damaged, then no longer to an erection. This is the same as running with a plastered leg.

Chronic diseases

Lack of testosterone production, diabetes, atherosclerosis (narrowing of the vessel due to excess cholesterol), a stroke or even just an osteochondrosis of the lumbar region can unexpectedly strike a blow at the most painful place.

Harmful factors, psychological (psychogenic) erectile dysfunction

Cigarettes, alcohol and constant stress. Just information in figures – erectile dysfunction is 25% more likely in men who smoke.

Psychogenic disorders

Psychogenic disordersViolations caused by internal, “mental” causes. In its pure form, psychogenic disorders of erection are characteristic of inexperienced young people or men, whom social stereotypes were driven into a corner of shame and despair. These are all kinds of complexes about penis size, own appearance, fear of a partner and much, much more.

Mixed violations

Complex of organic and psychological disorders. From the point of view of medicine, a single violation of erectile dysfunction does not mean anything, but for any man it will literally be a “collapse”. The psychological complex has already appeared and its further development depends both on the state of the man himself and on the behavior of his partner.

Erectile disfunction. Treatment

First of all, of course, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, by refusing or minimizing the consumption of alcohol and nicotine. Remember that prevention is almost always painless, unlike treatment. Methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction have been around since ancient times, but we will not go so deep, but consider only the main:

1. From ancient times used decoctions from the horns of animals, roots from various hallucinogens. Most infusions rather strengthen the psychological mood, what affects the sexual system.

2. Psychological assistance. Even if there were no psychological problems before the disease, then after recovery they can still appear, such, for example, as “fear to blunder” at the most crucial moment.

3. Testosterone replacement therapy. When a testosterone hormone is deficient, the patient is given drugs that can replace it.

4. Vibro-vascular stimulation. It allows to restore blood supply in the problematic organ.

5. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. An interesting fact was that a group of scientists developed a medicine to improve the flow of blood in the heart. Clinical trials failed, the drug did not show the desired results, but the group accidentally noticed an interesting side effect. So there was Viagra and other medicines to increase potency.

6. Surgical operation. Prosthesis and ligation of the veins of the penis.

None of the methods provides 100% guarantee for the restoration of the reproductive capacity of the reproductive system, therefore, take care of your male health in advance.