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Levothyroxine, a thyroid hormone, is used to treat hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone.

Synthroid (Levothyroxine) online information

Synthroid is a trademark of the drug levothyroxine sodium. This is a chemically reproduced thyroid hormone T4.

Thyroid hormones, above all, control the metabolism in the human body. When taking tiroid metabolism is accelerated, the conversion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates occurs faster, the body uses more calories throughout the day.

Tyroids in medical practice are used to treat dysfunction of the thyroid gland and obesity. The action of the synthroid is very similar to that of the cytomel.

In a healthy person, the levels of endogenous T3 and T4 are at a sufficient level for the functioning of the body. In comparison, T3 has a 4-fold stronger effect than T4 at a similar dose.

The cytomel is a stronger drug than the synthroid, that is, if you have access to both drugs, cytomel is often chosen.

Thyroid hormones are one of the most effective fat burners in the bodybuilder's arsenal. The intake of tiroid destroys fat deposits, showing a muscular picture. And since the body requires more calories, the need for hard sitting on a diet disappears.

This is an obvious benefit, as many athletes are on a diet, and lose in the dry mass of muscles. Also, together with the tiroid, AAS is used, which enhances the effect of AAS, because the metabolism of the protein is accelerated due to tiroids.

Dosage, as well as with any thyroid, should gradually increase from minimum to working, that is, from 25-100 mcg per day at the beginning, and gradually increase the intake by 25-50 mkg, every 1-2 days, but the dosage should not Exceed 200-400 mkg per day.

Applying the drug too long or at too high dosages, you run the risk of getting problems with the thyroid gland. When climbing off the course, it is necessary to gradually reduce the dose, as well as increase, in the reverse order. Admission should not last more than 6-8 weeks.

There are also many side effects that need to be remembered.

Among them: tremor, excessive sweating, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, excessive weight loss and problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems. If side effects appear, you need to gradually get off the drug as described above.

For more confidence, before taking the drug, you need to see a doctor for thyroid hyperactivity in order to avoid serious problems.

L-thyroxine is a very affordable drug, the main zone of its distribution is pharmacies, it rarely appears on the black market.