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About Mens HealthA few men can say of himself that he is fully healthy. In the ordinary life of the strong half of mankind happen weaknesses, which, as a rule, do not talk. Faced with certain health problems, men often keep silent about them, experiencing all very serious and, at times, did not even dare to go to a specialist.

The most common diseases in men are urological. The problems below the belt caught men at any age. To avoid the development of a disease it is necessary to study the diseases affect males.

Urologic diseases lie in wait for men in different age stages. Appearing on the light, the newborn boy can already encounter the first problem ailments which may eventually develop into a serious illness.

Diseases of the early age

Phimosis. The disease is characterized by narrowing of the foreskin, it is diagnosed in infants in the first months of life. phimosis The danger lies in the fact that the urine residues accumulate in the foreskin of the child, there is forming a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria. When inflammatory processes, treatment should occur immediately. For the prevention of disease in infants, parents are advised to gradually release the head of the penis from the foreskin. By three years the child should not be any problems with the separation of the foreskin from the head.

Cryptorchidism. This disease is characterized by not omitting the testicles into the scrotum. Cryptorchidism occurs in 10% of infants immediately after birth. In most cases, the testicles have to take the usual position in the scrotum. If the testicles to 5 years will not fall out of the abdominal cavity, the prescribed treatment. If you do not apply the appropriate treatment, it is possible to delay sexual development.

Varicocele. It occurs in adolescents, and in some cases in children under one year. A characteristic feature – the veins of the spermatic cord, most often on the left side. Development of the disease begins at the school during the period of active growth – there is a big load on the spine and legs. Varicocele varies in stages: the early stages of the disease can not disturb and is determined only by specialists. Timely diagnosis of varicocele is very important as neglected diseases can lead to infertility.

Diseases of the elderly and middle-age

Cystitis. Inflammatory disease of the bladder. Most often it appears as cystitis symptomatic disease associated with other diseases. For the treatment of cystitis must be timely diagnosis and a course of drugs that can reduce the symptoms of the disease. It is very important to treat cystitis to the end, because there is a risk to earn a chronic form.

Urethritis. Inflammation of the urethra, accompanied by unpleasant sensations of pain, sharp pains, burning, and sometimes urinate with blood. When urethritis can be released gray mucus, yellow, green color with an unpleasant odor. Due to the anatomical structure of men feel symptoms of urethritis are very hard hit. In some cases, the disease may be asymptomatic and do not disturb the media, but the treatment must necessarily take place under the supervision of a specialist.

Orchitis. The disease, which is characterized by inflammation of the testicles. Orchitis often develops on the background of another inflammatory disease, such as influenza. Orchitis develops acutely and painfully: it can raise body temperature, there was a sharp pain and inflammation of the testicle. With the development of these symptoms, it is sure to appeal to the urologist. Delays in treatment can lead to infertility.

Balanoposthitis. Inflammation of the head of the penis and foreskin. The first symptoms that occur in the disease – a slight burning and itching. Externally, the head of the penis is slightly inflamed, there is redness, sometimes can be released liquid with an unpleasant odor. Launched balanoposthitis can lead to ulcers, festering wounds, cracks and peeling of the skin.

The first symptoms of the disease is very easy to be mistaken for a disease transmitted through sexual contact. To avoid unnecessary and nerve problems, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate gland. The risk of the disease lies in the fact that it is not one year can last. Start slow and invisible to men: minor pain in the perineum, which speed does not bother, and quickly forgotten. Develop the disease is able to easily provoke other diseases urological character. Prostatitis is becoming a source of infection, affecting men’s health. Do not leave unattended any, arising from the waist down, the discomfort.

BPH. It is a benign tumor of the prostate gland. The increase in iron nodes leads to the fact that it increases in size and begins to squeeze the bladder. As a result, men are observed frequent desires in a toilet when it is weak and intermittent stream. May develop a bladder infection, kidney failure and problems with erection.

Erectile dysfunction. The disease, with Knitted with decreased sexual function of men. Problems with erection can be for various reasons, both psychological as well as against other diseases. A very important time to pay attention to their health and the male does not run any male disease.

Features of the elderly diseases

The emergence of a variety of urologic diseases in different age plays a very important role. If the young man appeared easier to cope with the disease and cure it once and for all, the elderly man is much more difficult. With age, the body’s resistance to illnesses is reduced, weakened immunity and disease development increases.

In the body, reduces the oxidative processes, deteriorating the function of the cardiovascular system. From about 45-50 years in men could be in trouble, which he himself does not know. Often, the disease takes a passive form and lurk in the body, waiting for the right time to make itself felt.

How to protect yourself?

It is important early diagnosis of diseases, so you should regularly visit the urologist and to hand over the relevant tests.

Men need to eliminate all the bad habits, start right rationally to eat, do physiotherapy and do not forget about relaxation. It is useful to health massage at least once a week. It is necessary to spend more time outdoors, watching and hardening. It is important to spend time hygiene of sex organs.

It is important to protect the man’s health by means of contraception.

At any age, men should carefully take care of your men’s health and discomfort first visit a specialist. It is important to understand that the emerging disease carries a danger both for the present and for the future of men. Urological diseases are dangerous because they can lead to male infertility and impotence.

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